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The Horologio

For Wolf2191 and Andy, who recently brought Rav Ya’akov Emden’s remarkably pluralist attitude to my attention, and Kevin, who epitomizes the sort of man who inspired Rav Emden and Rav Hazan to write the way they did. There has recently … Continue reading

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Server Closets and Clothes Closets

In Which The Psychology And Moral Character Of Mice Shall Be Explored Someone asks Slashdot: I am curious to know what vermin prevention/eradication methods are used in other locations. I am working at a dealership and we have an exterminator … Continue reading

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Fair and Balanced

My father draws our attention to this post of Professor Ilya Somin: Thomas Porteous, the Louisiana District judge who is being investigated by the House Judiciary Committee is accused of, among other things, taking money from lawyers on opposing sides … Continue reading

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