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Spunky Rebbetzins, Disgruntled Rebbetzins and A Learned Zionist Midwife: A Tale Of Two Stories

At the Seforim blog, courtesy of Dan Rabinowitz.

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Italians, Romans, Germans and Edomites

At Text & Texture, courtesy of R. Shlomo Brody.

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תוכחת מגולה ואהבה מסותרה

Michael Halberstam, in a comment to this post, mentioned a remarkable assertion of Rambam that Rav Sa’adia Gaon lied about the foundations of Kiddush Ha’Hodesh, in order to bolster his anti-Karaite polemic: ואני תמיה מאדם יכחיש הראות ויאמר כי דת … Continue reading

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