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כך עונים את המעיקות (שוב)?!‏

We have previously discussed (here and here, and see this post by Menachem Mendel) some Torah perspectives on a single woman choosing to become pregnant via artificial insemination. In the course of Rav Aharon Feldman’s critiques of Orthodox feminism in … Continue reading

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An Agent's יאוש

Apple enthusiasts were recently delirious with excitement over the leaked prototype of the next generation iPhone, even more so than the CERN guys would be upon finding the Higgs boson. The story: Gray Powell—a North Carolina State University 2006 graduate … Continue reading

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Is the Financial Industry עוסק ביישובו של עולם?

Nobel (Memorial Prize) laureate and (liberal) New York Times columnist Paul Krugman argues that the financial markets, in their current size, are bad for the broader economy: More than that, reform actually should hurt the bankers. A growing body of … Continue reading

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