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The Lollipop Seller's Fear Of Oaths

[Follow-up to the tale of Rahamim the pious lollipop seller.] While there is no explicit and unambiguous Talmudic / Halachic injunction against taking a true oath, there is clear disapproval expressed in the tradition, as well as evidence that pious … Continue reading

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The Pious Lollipop Seller and the Gold Lira

I recently came across this charming and poignant though melodramatic narrative of the Old Yishuv, in Menahem Mendel Gorelitz’s ירושלים של מעלה: לירת הזהב וכך צעדו: חנה מוליכה את יענקלע יחידה הנפחד, ואחריהם צועד רבי זלמן מהורהר כולו, כשהוא מלחש … Continue reading

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