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“ירושלים עוד כך וכך קילומטר”

During her turn in Beit Avi Chai’s series החוט המחבר, the always wonderful Etti Ankri introduces her beautiful interpretation of Rihal’s poem of yearning for ירושלים and ארץ ישראל,‎ יפה נוף, with a brief biographical discussion of Rihal and his … Continue reading

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The Construction Of Gender

China’s Huang He / Yellow River is female: Our own Mississippi is apparently androgynous: Taking it’s place as one of New Orleans newest and most high profile statues is ‘ Mother River,” a 30-foot tall sculpture that stands inside of … Continue reading

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The Army Corps Of Engineers Plays God

Yesterday’s edition of NPR’s The Takeaway discussed the “devil’s choice” facing the Army Corps of Engineers with regard to opening the Morganza Spillway on the flooding Mississippi River; as Kavanaugh Breazeale, Public Affairs Officer for the Vicksburg District Army Corps … Continue reading

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