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The Law of War

My weekly lectures for parashas Shelah (including handouts), on the topic of halachic perspectives on the law of war, are available at the Internet Archive. I subsequently recorded a lecture on the halachic justifiability of Shimon and Levi’s massacre of … Continue reading

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Mareh, Metaphor and Meaning

Rambam famously asserts that the eschatological description of the wolf dwelling with the lamb and the leopard and the kid lying down together is metaphoric rather than literal: אל יעלה על הלב שבימות המשיח יבטל דבר ממנהגו של עולם. או … Continue reading

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Round and Square Numbers In the Bible

My weekly halachah column for parashas Bemidbar: In the censuses of parashas Bemidbar and parashas Pinchas, the population totals for almost all the tribes are multiples of one hundred, except for those of the tribe of Gad in the former … Continue reading

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