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Buying Jewish and עבודה עברית

My weekly halachah column for this past parashas Behar: In parashas Behar (25:14), the Torah commands: “When you make a sale to your fellow or make a purchase from the hand of your fellow, do not aggrieve one another.” While … Continue reading

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Passover Wash Sales

The role that the Stamp Act of 1765 played as a triggering event of the American Revolution is well known; in this post we discuss a connection between stamp acts in general and the Jewish festival of freedom, Passover. As … Continue reading

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Parashas Kedoshim: A Man’s Word Is His Bond

My weekly halachah column: In parashas Kedoshim (19:36), the Torah commands: “Just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin, shall ye have”. The plain meaning of hin is a particular measure of volume, but the Talmud (Bava … Continue reading

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