Justifiable Homicide, Assault and Retaliation – Part I

Professor Eugene Volokh recently posted the following excerpt from Jeremy D. Weinstein, Adultery, Law, and the State: A History (1986): Some American states, either by statute or judicial decision, made it legal for a husband to kill an interloper caught in the act of adultery with his wife … Until 1974, when it was repealed, […]

The Halachic Implications of Ghosts

There is a common trope in Western folklore that the spirit of a murdered man may experience unrest, being possessed of the desire and even need for justice or vengeance against the murderer. From Hamlet: Ghost: Pity me not, but lend thy serious hearing To what I shall unfold. HAMLET: Speak; I am bound to […]

Benefit Derived From Another's Loss

This paper of mine has been accepted for publication in next year’s Nehorai. Nehorai generally comes out in Kislev, in conjunction with Beth Medrash Govoha’s annual dinner. In lieu of an abstract, here are the opening paragraphs: בדין זה נהנה וזה וחסר אלא שלא גרמה ההנאה של לזה לחסרונו של זה גמרא בבא קמא פרק […]