Roman Fever

Consider the following scenario: Grace is desperately in love with Delphin, her friend Alida’s fiance. May Grace attempt to woo Delphin to herself and away from Alida? I see at least three potential Halachic problems here: עני המפך בחררה ובא אחר ונטלה הימנו נקרא רשע Halacha considers breaking an engagement tortious1, possibly even actionably so2 […]

King Hamlet Revisited

In last week’s Parshah we read about the laws of the Goel Hadam. I recently cited this excerpt from Hamlet, in which the Ghost demands that Hamlet accept the role of Goel Hadam with respect to his murder, to which the latter enthusiastically acquiesces: Ghost List, list, O, list! If thou didst ever thy dear […]


Gil Student has a recent post titled Torture in the Torah. I shall cite some rulings of the Poskim about the permissibility of torture to extract a confession (in civil cases), prefacing them with some of their Talmudic sources. Children of the age of civil rights may be nonplussed at the Poskims’ willingness to countenance […]