One thought on “Wine, Women and Song: Some Remarks On Poetry and Grammar – Part II”

  1. It’s pretty pathetic for you to jump on the Malbim like that. Have you learned all of the Malbims seforim that you can state you know his opinion about prophecy? It was because of his ahavas hakitzor he didn’t spend pages repeating his shitos, but a slightly intelligent reading of the malbim would clearly indicated he doesn’t fully agree with the Moreh. Here are some of the more famous Malbims and you can judge for yourself, see Malbim in Torah Or parsha Yisro perek 19 pasuk 9, see Malbim in the first passuk in Amos.

    There is a lesser known Malbim where he clearly contrasts his shita with the Moreh, in Eretz Chemda, parshas Shemos perek 3 pasuk 2 last three paragraphs (before pasuk 4).
    Anon | 06.02.09 – 11:02 pm

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