Speaking Ill Of the Dead

From the introduction to a review of Od Yosef Chai Volume 3, a restoration of recordings of Cantor Yossele Rosenblatt: Wow. There are few things as scary as reviewing a R’ Yossele Rosenblatt album! Aside for the fact that there are and were few voices that can even compare to his, one must be very […]

The Wayes Of the Lord Are Right, and the Just Shall Walke In Them

About three months ago, we discussed Rav Yosef Messas’s objections to various Kabbalistic formulae, particularly לשם יחוד. As noted there, he cites Rav Yehezkel Landau’s famous diatribe against the latter, containing his memorable anti-Hassidic gibe: אשר שאל בנוסח לשם יחוד אשר חדשים מקרוב נתפשט ונדפס בסידורים. הנה בזה אני משיב עד שאתה שואלני נוסח אמירתו […]

BDLD Introduces HBDL

For Mississippi Fred MacDowell, who probably doesn’t know Perl from Ruby, but whose facility with, and appreciation of, online book archives such as HebrewBooks.org are unrivaled. Hbdl is a scraper – a tool for the automated downloading of books from HebrewBooks.org. From the README: Hbdl is an tool for automatically downloading books from HebrewBooks.org. It […]