We recently discussed several versions of an aphorism declaring that God can be found everywhere. While this is merely a poetic assertion that the honest and earnest seeker will be able to see God wherever he looks, our tradition also contains various rather more fraught theological assertions, bordering on the panentheistic, that God actually is […]

Purity, Poetry and Paradox

Some duets of the always wonderful Etti Ankri and Ehud Banai, from their recent בין מועד למועד show (at זאפה אמפי שוני): נפשי לבית אל, from Ankri’s sublimely beautiful Rihal project – YouTube. Ankri’s great signature song קראת לי אסתר – YouTube. (An earlier duet of קראת – YouTube.) Banai’s great classic עיר מקלט – […]