Basketball, Football, and Religion

While reading (h/t: ADDeRabbi) about Orthodox Jewish Israeli Division A basketball player Naama Shafir, star point guard for the University of Toledo Rockets, whose Rabbi permits her to play – but not practice – on Shabbas, and who walks to and from the stadium to do so, postpones interviews until Mozei Shabbas, and “[plays] in […]

Aggadah: Authoritative Or Umdena?

Freelance Kiruv Maniac (Dovid Kornreich) excerpts two series of passages from Rav Yitzhak Abohab’s beloved classic מנורת המאור; this one expressing the author’s views on “Chazal’s worldly wisdom and the authoritativeness of Aggada”, “[his assertion] that the Torah contains all the wisdom of the created world, and how it is heretical to scoff at the […]