The Feminine Imagination

We have previously noted various assertions in the Halachic tradition that women’s קלות הדעת is the basis for our rejection of their testimony, and that even in contexts where the normal, full set of criteria for validity as a witness are relaxed, this defect still renders their testimony particularly unreliable, Much of the discussion has […]

Wives’ Work and Wages

For C.S. It is commonly thought that Hazal’s grant to a husband of the income earned by his wife is a tendentious institution, tilting the balance of economic power toward the former and away from the latter. The truth is precisely the opposite; it is actually the wife who has the upper hand, as it […]

The Female Of the Species

In slightly belated honor of Mother’s Day. Several months ago, I read an article in Binah Magazine, on the topic of women getting along with their mothers-in-law. Although I unfortunately no longer have access to the issue, I recall that the thrust of the article was that although the mother-in-law – daughter-in-law relationship is often […]