There Is No Friend Like A Sister

Consider the remarkable, even uncanny, inverse structural similarity between the grim, yet moving, Medrashic Tale of Two Sisters and Christina Rossetti’s dark, wonderful and quite extraordinary Goblin Market: אמרו: מעשה בשתי אחיות, שהיו דומות זו לזו והייתה האחת נשואה בעיר אחרת, בקש בעלה של אחת מהן לקנאות לה ולהשקותה מים המרים בירושלים, הלכה לאותה העיר […]

Character Assassination II

We recently broached the case of one who destroyed the career of a Sofer Stam via false slander, noting that there is actually a fair amount of Halachic case law precisely on point here. As we shall show in this post, the consensus, if not quite unanimous, view is that although the slanderer has certainly […]