The Or Sameah’s Ouroboros

Our previous post cited Rav Ya’akov Emden’s barb that “it seemed to us, in our tranquility in the Diaspora, that we have already found an alternate ארץ ישראל and ירושלים …”. This foreshadows a famous passage of Rav Meir Simha of Dvinsk, in which he warns against thinking that Berlin is Yerushalayim. R. Meir Simha’s […]

פינו במזרח, ואנחנו בסוף מערב

What are we to make of the fact that despite all our pious declarations of misery over our exile and yearning to return to ארץ ישראל, we Diaspora Jews do not generally trouble ourselves to make aliyah? Rav Ya’akov Emden indeed considers the historical Jewish indifference to ארץ ישראל grievously sinful, and the cause of […]

Faulhaber’s Formula Of the Figurate Numbers

For Dr. Pinhas Grossman, recently promoted to Senior Lecturer at the School of Mathematics and Statistics of the University of New South Wales Several years ago, we noted the procedure given by the Tosafos to calculate the triangular numbers. I recently came across an analysis by the non-pareil Rav Eliyahu Kalatzkin of the Tosafos and […]