Dorothea “Dragon” Dix

In my lectures on יחוד mentioned in the previous post, I touched briefly on the question of whether the age and attractiveness of a woman are relevant factors in determining whether a particular scenario of seclusion is permissible or not. I noted that several years ago, on a visit to the National Portrait Gallery, I […]

Room Of One’s Own

Our previous post discussed a dispute between Rav Shlomo Yehudah Tabak and the Satmar Rav (among others) over the problem of the female gaze in general and the design of synagogue women’s sections in particular. We cited R. Tabak’s invocation of the principle of מקום הניחו לי אבותי להתגדר בו in defense of his advocacy […]

Is What’s Bad For the Gander Bad For the Goose?

Yael Unterman writes: Those Orthodox synagogues that place the women above the men (and not all do, especially the more modern ones) might well succeed in their goal of removing the women from the men’s line of sight. But women have eyes too, and women can also become distracted by the opposite gender. Why is […]