There Is No Friend Like A Sister

Consider the remarkable, even uncanny, inverse structural similarity between the grim, yet moving, Medrashic Tale of Two Sisters and Christina Rossetti’s dark, wonderful and quite extraordinary Goblin Market: אמרו: מעשה בשתי אחיות, שהיו דומות זו לזו והייתה האחת נשואה בעיר אחרת, בקש בעלה של אחת מהן לקנאות לה ולהשקותה מים המרים בירושלים, הלכה לאותה העיר […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Some Remarks On Aristotle, Dante Alighieri, Immanuel of Rome, R. Moshe Botarel and Bertrand Russell

Available at the Seforim blog, courtesy of its editors.

Double Trouble

We recently discussed the the problem of ascertaining, in the context of Agunos, that one who claims to be a missing man, or to have information concerning him, is actually human and not a demonic impersonator. In this post, we discuss another intersection of the occult with the laws of Agunah – the problem of […]