Schuhe and Handschuhe

My weekly halachah column: In Megilas Rus (4:7), it is recorded that: “Formerly, this was done in cases of redemption and exchange transactions to validate any matter: One would draw off his shoe (na’alo), and give it to the other. This was the process of ratification in Israel.”1 While many have understood this verse as […]

Sukkos, Sihon, and Subversiveness

A year ago, while studying a Beth Medrash Govoha – Shivti unit on the commandment of Sukkah, I encountered this passage from the ספר רוקח: בסכות תשבו שבעת ימים למען ידעו דורותיכם כי בסכות הושבתי את בני ישראל בהוציאי אותם מארץ מצרים. … ויש מפרשים כשצרו על ארץ האמורי של סיחון ועוג ועל כרכים שבארץ […]

כי כל העדה כולם קדושים

R. Yaakov Hoffman writes (discussing the Barkan Winery Ethiopian controversy): Run by some of the most right-wing anti-Zionist rabbis in Jerusalem, the “Eidah” (or just “Badatz”) is probably the most widely accepted kosher certifier in the world. It is known for a stringent approach to almost every issue in Jewish dietary law and uncompromising enforcement […]