Piwik Tracking

This blog currently utilizes the Piwik web analytics framework to track access. Unlike hosted / software as a service (Saas) analytics systems, our Piwik installation is hosted on the same server as the blog itself; it is under our control, and no data is sent to any third-party.

Opting Out

There are several ways to opt out of this tracking:

  • Our Piwik respects the Do Not Track header.
  • Our Piwik (currently) tracks via a JavaScript snippet, so blocking the Piwik JavaScript, either internally in the browser or via a browser plugin such as NoScript, will disable tracking.
  • Piwik opt-out cookie:

Log Files

Independent of the above, all access to the site is recorded in the web server (Apache) logs; these logs may be retained indefinitely, and analyzed with web log analysis software such as the Webalizer. [None of the above opt-out methods have any effect on this.]

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