The Boughs Of Goodly Trees

Rav Shlomo Eliezer Alfandri (the “Saba Kadisha”) remarkably holds that lemons and other citrus fruits (perhaps even oranges!) are all subsumed under the rubric of פרי עץ הדר. He explains that the ancient Hebrew and Babylonian lexicons did not have distinct terms for what other, later cultures considered distinct species, and that back then Jews […]

Citron Roulette

I recently delivered a lecture focusing on the question of whether מנהג can override the Halachic rules of אונאה, מקח טעות and אסמכתא; it can be downloaded or streamed from the Internet Archive. One particular issue I discussed is the legitimacy of the sale of אתרוגים in sealed containers, a practice that was apparently widespread […]