First, Do No Harm

I recently recorded a lecture, and published an article, on the Halachah of malpractice; as usual, both are available, along with my lecture notes, at the Internet Archive. The former covers both general malpractice as well as medical malpractice in particular, while the latter is limited to the latter; both focus primarily on the native […]

The Fine Art Of Compromise

Another Journal article; cognate lecture, in various formats, is available from the Internet Archive. Although it is a cliche that everyone is entitled to his day in court, this is actually apparently far from true under American law; Robert Barron tells ups that about two dozen states, plus some federal jurisdictions, allow for court-ordered mediation […]

Whom the Judges Shall Not Condemn

A couple of weeks ago, we raised the question of whether Moshe Haim the blacksmith was indeed required to repay double the amount (כפל) that he had stolen. The key issue is whether there is a moral obligation to pay קנס in the absence of a formal ruling by a Beis Din, such as in […]