Theology From the Rocks Whence We Are Hewn

A few years ago, we noted Rav Yitzhak Arama’s vehement rejection of Ramban’s famous adjuration against seeking medical, as opposed to prophetic, counsel and treatment for maladies. I recently encountered another interesting, albeit somewhat more subtle, example of divergence between the latter’s famous and eloquent (albeit deeply problematic and apparently inconsistent) insistence on the all-encompassing […]

"The Spirit He Breathed In Man Is Free" – The Theodicy of Maimonides and Kipling

Prof. Menachem Kellner writes: Rambam also made it clear that (just as traffic accidents don’t just “happen,” but are caused, so) most of the evil from which we suffer is the result of human stupidity and cupidity; the fires were started by stupid kids literally playing with fire, but they spread so disastrously because too […]

A Very Confusing Religion

Rav Shach (attributed) A story is told about Rav Elazar Shach zt”l, who was once asked if women should learn CPR so that they can respond and act in a situation in which a child would need it. Rav Shach said not to learn it, because Hashem does not put a person in a situation […]