Beauty and Truth II

We recently discussed R. Avraham Borenstein’s contention that it is preferable to use an Israeli citron that is definitely kosher, albeit not beautiful, than a Corfian one that is beautiful but of dubious kashrus, since “there is no הידור greater than this, that it definitely be an אתרוג”. A similar stance is attributed to Hasam […]

Out With the Old, In With the New

In the parashah lectures I delivered last week, I discussed the practice of R. Nosson Adler (of Frankfurt), recorded by his reverential disciple Hasam Sofer, to avoid calling up to the Torah for the aliyah of Levi on the holiday of Succos one who consumes hadash, since by that time of the year, hadash barley […]

With Apologies To the Meiri

Just today, I read Prof. Marc Shapiro’s account of an apparently serious error by Rav Yehudah (Mahari) Aszod,1 who takes at face value a responsum of Hasam Sofer2 discussing a religious custom described as prevalent in “ארץ הודו”, and therefore distinguishes between that custom and an apparently similar Christian one, arguing that the latter is […]