A Further Foie Gras Fabrication

Note: This post has been slightly edited shortly after initial publication. From a Seforim blog post of six months ago by R. Dr. Ari Z. Zivotofsky: Foie gras (pronounced “fwä-grä, meaning “fat liver” in French) is the fattened liver of a waterfowl that grew to 5-10 times its usual size due to gavage. Foie gras, […]

That’s What He Meant, More Or Less

Update: As ER explains in a comment, I made a grave cognitive error in formulating this post; the תפארת יעקב clearly meant exactly what the text says, although my point about the Tosafos in Eruvin stands. We shall reconsider this topic at greater length in a subsequent post, בג”ה. In a recent comment on this […]

Terminally Ill Animals and Dead Horses

Rashba and Rivash A celebrated assertion of a conclusive presumption in Halachah is the position of Rashba and Rivash that Hazal’s declaration that a טריפה cannot live more than twelve months is absolutely and indubitably true, and that if witnesses testify to a counterexample, we flatly deny their assertion, maintaining that Hazal are certainly correct […]