Caveat Nubere

At the end of the previous post, we broached the question of whether a spouse’s failure to disclose his or her status as a convert or recent descendant of one to the other spouse prior to marriage would be grounds for a claim of מקח טעות. This question is raised by Rafi G. (Life in […]

For Richer, For Poorer, In Sickness and In Health

We recently referenced the dispute between Rabbeinu Eliyahu and Rabbeinu Tam over whether a husband is obligated to accept employment in order to maintain his wife, and as we noted several years ago, Gra claims that “the opinion of most Poskim is like Rabbeinu Tam”,1 and that it is therefore clear that the popular assumption […]

A Time To Keep Silence, And A Time To speak

Stopp and Stopp Tries To Stop Wikipedia As reported by the New York Times: Wolfgang Werlé and Manfred Lauber became infamous for killing a German actor in 1990. Now they are suing to force Wikipedia to forget them. The legal fight pits German privacy law against the American First Amendment. German courts allow the suppression […]