Is Beauty Truth? From Grecian Urns To Grecian Citrons

A couple of years ago, we discussed a responsum of Rav Avraham Borenstein, addressed to his father, regarding Corfian citrons. The אבני נזר has several responsa on this issue, including another one addressed to his father, in which he asserts that even if there are grounds to allow the use of the Corfian citron (based […]

Schrödinger's Daughters

Some Speculations At the Intersection of Halachah and Lomdus, Philosophy and Theology, Physics and Metaphysics I recently learned this classic Sugya: איתמר קידושין שאין מסורין לביאה [פירש”י: קידש אחת משתי אחיות ולא פירש איזוהי מהם דאין יכול לישא אחת מהן דשמא זו היא אחות אשתו] אביי אמר הוו קידושין רבא אמר לא הוו קידושין אמר […]

Schrodinger’s Aravos

In Which a Nexus of Halachah, Lomdus and Quantum Mechanics Will Be Explored A friend posed us the following question after Succos: I purchased ten Aravos from a vendor, but subsequently (too late to contact the vendor and resolve the matter) discovered that I had accidentally taken eleven. Was I able to fulfil the מצות […]