The Boughs Of Goodly Trees

Rav Shlomo Eliezer Alfandri (the “Saba Kadisha”) remarkably holds that lemons and other citrus fruits (perhaps even oranges!) are all subsumed under the rubric of פרי עץ הדר. He explains that the ancient Hebrew and Babylonian lexicons did not have distinct terms for what other, later cultures considered distinct species, and that back then Jews […]

To Be A Free People In Our Land

There is a major dispute among the Poskim of the last half-century or so over the proper location for the lighting of the נרות חנוכה in modern day Israel, as well as the more liberal and religiously tolerant regions of the Diaspora. Some maintain that the Halachah reverts back to its original prescription of the […]

Women In Ski Pants and Fashionable Yeshivah Students

It is often observed that Yeshivah students in antebellum Europe could be very sharp and stylish dressers. Apparently, not everyone was pleased with this; the always interesting Rav Yehoshua Menahem Ehrenberg relates that he had once challenged the Hafez Haim, during a visit to the latter’s Yeshivah, on seeing that his students were “מגדלי בלורית […]