Women Behind the Wheel II: The Hardliners and Their Discontents

This post is dedicated to the merit of certain people – may Hashem help them do well! Our previous post discussed women riders and drivers in the context of rental animals and vehicles; this post considers the propriety of women driving in general. A recent C-SPAN Q&A: Saudi Arabian women’s rights activist Manal Al-Sharif talks […]

Free and Fair Elections

For C.S., who simply cannot contemplate any Hoshen Mishpat until Thursday evening. Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein considers the legitimacy of the corruption-tainted election of members to a local governing body: ועד שכונה או ועד בית שנתמנו על ידי שוחד שאלה מועצת עיר שחבריה נבחרו על ידי התושבים, ונודע שהמועמדים נעזרו ונבחרו בנתינת שוחד – שהם או […]

Character Assassination

Rav Yitzchok Zilberstein relates the tale of one who publicly slandered a Sofer Stam, with the immediate consequence of the complete cessation of the Sofer’s custom. The slander was utterly false, and the Sofer, responsible for a large family, was left with no livelihood. The slanderer consulted R. Zilberstein on the appropriate amends, “but I […]