Rendering Unto Caesar The Things Which Are Caesar’s

Here are several lectures I have recorded (with accompanying notes) and several articles I have published on the principle of Dina De’Malchusa Dina and related topics, available, as always, from the Internet Archive. [Note that there is considerable, but certainly not total, overlap between the various listed items]:

Update: An analysis of the technical legitimacy of the Egyptian oppression of the Children of Israel under the principle of Dina De’Malchusa Dina (posted here).

“Squeezing the Rich”, Or Stopping Them From “Flaying the Poor”?

Halachic and Hashkafic Perspectives On Rent Control Legislation

I recently gave a lecture on the intersection of native Halachah, Minhag and Dina De’Malchusa, using the (primarily) twentieth-century Halachic literature on rent control legislation as a case study. The discussion comprises some basic consideration of the theoretical justification, as well as the practical contours, of the principle of Dina De’Malchusa Dina, and a variety of Halachic attitudes toward rent control legislation, from several perspectives, including Dina De’Malchusa Dina and Minhag. One important and fascinating aspect of the topic is the sharply divergent socio-political attitudes of the Poskim toward such legislation, and their influence on their adherents’ Halachic conclusions.

The audio, in various formats, as well as a comprehensive accompanying collection of sources and notes, is available, as usual, from the Internet Archive.