Our Complete Torah vs. Their Idle Chatter – Influences Of Secular Law and Politics On the Halachah

I gave a lecture with this title earlier today; audio and source sheets, in various file formats, are available at the Internet Archive. Many of the sources that I discuss have been previously discussed on the blog (here, here, here and here) but there is also novel material. Of particular interest are a couple of […]

As the Christians Don't …

We recently noted Rav Yosef Shaul Nathanson’s assumption that the non-Jews’ recognition of the notion of intellectual property means that Halachah must also acknowledge the concept. Two other instances of the basic line of argument that we can derive Halachic / moral principles from non-Jewish attitudes toward religion and morality are Rav Yehudah Ha’Hassid’s injunction […]

Artificial Insemination and the Single Girl

It seems that we just can’t get away from this topic (previous posts: I, II, III); it has recently been revived in provocative posts by Bad4 Shidduchim and Frum N’ Flipping (and see Coral’s reaction here). Our previous posts have not analyzed the relevant technical Halachic issues; we shall now do so, in response to […]