Tuvia Sinned and Zigud Is Punished?! Secondary Liability via Respondeat Superior

Five years ago, we asserted that halachah has no native concept of respondeat superior: [A]s far as I know, Halachah does not generally hold an employer liable for the malfeasance of his employee, so even if the employee had deliberately, physically destroyed the [patron’s property], the only recourse available to the patron would be to […]

The Faithful Shepherd

There is a popular Jewish idea that shepherding is a sort of training camp or proving ground for future leaders: אמר רבי אחא: לעולם אין השכינה זזה מכותל מערבי, שנאמר (שיר ב, ט): הנה זה עומד אחר כתלנו. הנה זה עומד אחר כתלנו. וכתיב (תהלים יא, שם): עיניו יחזו עפעפיו יבחנו בני אדם. אמר רבי […]