A Procedural Privilege Of the Working Class

From a recent issue of the Business Halacha Institute’s Business Weekly: Prime Suspect, by Rabbi Meir Orlian I arranged with Simon Kleinoff, the plumber, to clear the blockage in the kitchen sink this morning,” Mr. Laks told his wife. “Oh, great!” she replied. Simon arrived at 10 o’clock. He worked for a half hour, going […]

Currency Trading and Ona’ah

For C.S. Rabbi Meir Orlian writes: silver sale “Mazal Tov,” Sol said to his friend, Yisrael. “I heard you had a boy recently!” “Thank you,” said Yisrael. “The pidyon haben, redemption of the firstborn son, will take place next week.” “Mr. Kahn has five real silver coins with the proper weight of 3.4 ounces,” said […]

The Custodian's Carelessness and Its Consequences

From the Vayakhel 2011 edition of the Business Halacha Institute’s Business Weekly: FROM OUR HOTLINE – the careless custodian I had to ship equipment to Miami for a trade show. I called my friend to ask if I could ship the stuff to him. He was hesitant, so I offered to pay him for the […]