Kimhi On Christianity

On the recommendation of my friend Dan Rabinowitz, I recently visited the Library of Congress’s Words Like Sapphires: 100 Years of Hebraica at the Library of Congress, 1912–2012 (after briefly joining this year’s March for Life). One of the most interesting items on display was a first edition ([Bologna?] 1477) of Rav David Kimhi (Radak’s) […]

With Apologies To the Meiri

Just today, I read Prof. Marc Shapiro’s account of an apparently serious error by Rav Yehudah (Mahari) Aszod,1 who takes at face value a responsum of Hasam Sofer2 discussing a religious custom described as prevalent in “ארץ הודו”, and therefore distinguishes between that custom and an apparently similar Christian one, arguing that the latter is […]

Fear G-d, and Keep His Commandments: For This Is the Whole Duty Of Man

To CS, (almost) Esq. We recently noted Rav Yehezkel Landau’s rejection of logic as goyish; I encountered this in the course of responding to a challenge of Rav Herschel Schachter, related to me by my friend Menachem Butler, to investigate the censorship of Rav Landau’s comments on the Talmudic injunction against הגיון (see below) in […]