Truth and Beauty III: A Tale Told By Two Chabadnik-Brisker-Mizrahisten

We recently discussed R. Avraham Borenstein’s analysis of the question of whether it is preferable to use an Israeli citron that is definitely kosher, albeit not beautiful, or a Corfian one that is beautiful but of dubious kashrus. A variation of this dilemma was famously considered by Rav Chaim Soloveitchik: he (of course) was going […]

Is Beauty Truth? From Grecian Urns To Grecian Citrons

A couple of years ago, we discussed a responsum of Rav Avraham Borenstein, addressed to his father, regarding Corfian citrons. The אבני נזר has several responsa on this issue, including another one addressed to his father, in which he asserts that even if there are grounds to allow the use of the Corfian citron (based […]