Exploring and Colonizing The Final Frontier

For my friend Dr. Jeremy Schnittman (obviously.) Is the Torah positive, neutral or negative toward the exploration and colonization of outer space? R. (Dr.) Nahum Eliezer Rabinovitch, in a brief analysis published in 5762 [1962], at the height of the space race and the Cold War, deems such exploration innocent at least when engaged in […]

Vivisection Revisited

In an earlier post, I cited Rav Eliyahu Kalatzkin’s deeply ambivalent attitude toward vivisection. Here are some other, generally more positive, views. The Shvus Yaakov The Shvus Yaakov1 discusses testing medicines for safety on animals: שאלה … אי מותר לעשות רפואה דהיינו להמית בהמה טמאה כגון כלב או חתול מפני ספק פקוח נפש לפי שאותה […]