There Is That Is Destroyed Unjustly

For S.B., who is blameless and has not yet tasted sin. A provocative Talmudic agadah asserts that some deaths are unjust, citing as an example the bizarre tale of a minion of the Angel of Death whose misinterpretation of his instructions resulted in the termination of the wrong woman: רב יוסף כי מטי להאי קרא […]

Theology From the Rocks Whence We Are Hewn

A few years ago, we noted Rav Yitzhak Arama’s vehement rejection of Ramban’s famous adjuration against seeking medical, as opposed to prophetic, counsel and treatment for maladies. I recently encountered another interesting, albeit somewhat more subtle, example of divergence between the latter’s famous and eloquent (albeit deeply problematic and apparently inconsistent) insistence on the all-encompassing […]

Avoiding צרעת Like the Plague

Artscroll declares: For hundreds of years, the popular translation of צרעת [tzaraas] has been “leprosy,” and it was commonly accepted that prevention of the disease’s spread was the reason for the quarantine of a suspected victim of tzaraas and the exclusion from the camp of a confirmed מצורע [metzora], the person smitten with the malady. […]