Looking Unto the Rock Whence We Are Hewn and To the Hole Of the Pit Whence We Are Digged

From a recent post to the Seforim blog by Prof. Marc Shapiro: However, as far as I know, no one prior to Hirschensohn claimed that prophets could make errors in basic theological points. Yet Hirschensohn’s argument is very strong, for his proof is from Cain. Cain must be regarded as a prophet, as God spoke […]

Woman's Splendor and Glory

צניעות advocates often use crown imagery and metaphors to convey the true attractiveness of modesty; there’s a book titled Tznius: the jewel in our crown, by Sarah Leah Oberlander, a curriculum for teaching Tznius “L’Hachzir Atarah L’Yoshnah”, Reclaiming the Crown, by Mrs. Chany Feldbrand, and countless statements such as this one by Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis: […]