Risking One’s Life For Fun and Profit

There is a well known medrash that Esav murdered Nimrod out of lust for the latter’s wonderful Hunter’s Garment: ר’ מאיר אומר עשו ראה את הכתנת על נמרוד שהיו מצויירין עליה כל החיות והעופות שבעולם ונראין כאלו הן חיין וכשהיו בשדה היו באין אצלו וניצודין מאליהן וחמדה אותה בלבו והרגו ולקחה ממנו וכשלבש אותה נעשה […]

The Right To Refuse To Work

In several previous posts, we mentioned the opinion of Rabbeinu Tam that an indigent man who lacks the means to satisfy his debts or his obligation to maintain his wife can nevertheless not be obligated to hire himself out in order to satisfy these obligations. There is, however, an important judicial ruling by rabbanim Shmuel […]

For Richer, For Poorer, In Sickness and In Health

We recently referenced the dispute between Rabbeinu Eliyahu and Rabbeinu Tam over whether a husband is obligated to accept employment in order to maintain his wife, and as we noted several years ago, Gra claims that “the opinion of most Poskim is like Rabbeinu Tam”,1 and that it is therefore clear that the popular assumption […]