Judaism on Jihad

From a recent Salon.com profile of the very brave, or very foolish, Faizan Peerzada, a Pakistani Muslim theater promoter whose operations have been the target of multiple bombings: Faizan Peerzada seems to derive some of the strength to function in this security environment from his spirituality, which is suffused with mystical Muslim traditions. He is […]

All’s Fair In Love and War

iran Hebrew Radio – IRIB World Service ‘reports’ on Tzipi ‘Mata Hari‘ Livni’s confessions of acting as a honey-trap during her career as a Mossad agent (via Rav Tzair, via Menachem Mendel): ליבני: עסקתי בזנות למען “ישראל” שרת החוץ הישראלית לשעבר ציפי ליבני הודתה כי עסקה בזנות וביצעה מעשים לא מוסריים עם כמה מנהיגים ערבים […]

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Some Remarks On Aristotle, Dante Alighieri, Immanuel of Rome, R. Moshe Botarel and Bertrand Russell

Available at the Seforim blog, courtesy of its editors.