Feminine Feeble-Mindedness and the Testimony Of Women

Disclaimer: this post cites and analyzes a number of interesting sources from our tradition on a rather fraught topic; my personal views are not reflected therein. From R. Eliyahu Haim Bar-Shalom’s monumental eight volume work, משפט הכתובה: אשה אינה פסולה מחשש שהיא משקרת, או אינה יודעת לדייק בדבריה, דהיכן מצינו שאשה משקרת יותר מאיש, או […]

Rights and Responsibilities

Over Shavuos, I read Rebbetzin Feige Twerski’s explanation of the misguidededness of the modern feminist push for religious egalitarianism, in which she asserts a fundamental distinction between the Torah’s value system and that of modern American society: The Equality Debate Professor Elaine Viders from Touro Law School posits that the fact that the underpinning of […]

ללמוד וללמד, לשמור ולעשות: הקדמה

From Rav Aharon Feldman’s scathing critique of the anthology Jewish Legal Writings by Women: Rather than “debating essential halachic issues in the rigorous spirit of rabbinic Judaism,” the book is composed of two categories of articles: those which do not debate issues (essential or otherwise), and those which debate issues, but not in the spirit […]