Primum Non Nocere

I recently gave a presentation titled ביאור שיטות הראשונים והאחרונים בענין הכלל בגיטין שכל דבר שאין צריך לכותבו, אם שינה בו אינו פוסל; the audio, and accompanying notes, are available in various file formats at the Internet Archive. [Please note that the material is quite technical, utilizes much jargon, and presumes not just familiarity with […]

The Construction Of Gender

China’s Huang He / Yellow River is female: Our own Mississippi is apparently androgynous: Taking it’s place as one of New Orleans newest and most high profile statues is ‘ Mother River,” a 30-foot tall sculpture that stands inside of a fountain in front of the Port of New Orleans. Mother River is an anthropomorphic […]