Honor and Anachronism In the Work of Avner Gold

We recently discussed Abravanel’s rather Iberian notion of the paramount importance of honor, even beyond that of life itself: המות בכבוד טובה מחיי החרפה והבוז I recently read The Long Road To Freedom, “Avner Gold’s” newly released ninth book in his “beloved series of historical novels”1, and I was pleased to see that he puts […]

Abravanel and Dumas On Honor

Some cultures have had (and some still have) curious notions about the relative values of life and personal honor. This is illustrated by the following excerpt of the unpromising beginnings of one of literature’s most celebrated fraternities: THE SHOULDER OF ATHOS, THE BALDRIC OF PORTHOS AND THE HANDKERCHIEF OF ARAMIS D’Artagnan, in a state of […]