Muslim Ms. Marvel Mines Mishnah and Midrash

Noah Berlatsky, in the Atlantic: Ms. Marvel, the Marvel superhero comic that debuted last month, has gotten a ton of media coverage because of what makes it unique. Mainstream superheroes are almost all white and almost all guys, and women of color virtually never carry their own titles. Even the X-Men’s Storm, a widely recognized […]

Judaism on Jihad

From a recent profile of the very brave, or very foolish, Faizan Peerzada, a Pakistani Muslim theater promoter whose operations have been the target of multiple bombings: Faizan Peerzada seems to derive some of the strength to function in this security environment from his spirituality, which is suffused with mystical Muslim traditions. He is […]

With Apologies To the Meiri

Just today, I read Prof. Marc Shapiro’s account of an apparently serious error by Rav Yehudah (Mahari) Aszod,1 who takes at face value a responsum of Hasam Sofer2 discussing a religious custom described as prevalent in “ארץ הודו”, and therefore distinguishes between that custom and an apparently similar Christian one, arguing that the latter is […]