The Law of War

My weekly lectures for parashas Shelah (including handouts), on the topic of halachic perspectives on the law of war, are available at the Internet Archive. I subsequently recorded a lecture on the halachic justifiability of Shimon and Levi’s massacre of Shechem – a (temporally) shorter, and perhaps tighter and more rigorous, treatment of some of […]

פינו במזרח, ואנחנו בסוף מערב

What are we to make of the fact that despite all our pious declarations of misery over our exile and yearning to return to ארץ ישראל, we Diaspora Jews do not generally trouble ourselves to make aliyah? Rav Ya’akov Emden indeed considers the historical Jewish indifference to ארץ ישראל grievously sinful, and the cause of […]

Ideological Certainty and Its Discontents: In Praise Of Epistemic Humility

In response to a question about the propriety of protesting the singing of שיר המעלות to “the [well-]known tune of the [Israeli] National Anthem”, Rav Avraham Weinfeld responds that while the practice is indeed deplorable, as the Zionists are, at least in certain respects, worse than the Reformers, as the latter at least nominally retain […]