A Little Mysticism Is A Dangerous Thing

Rav Yosef Messas, following in the footsteps of the נודע ביהודה, whom he cites, has a fascinating, scathing critique of the recitation of לשם יחוד. He begins by confessing that he, too, used to recite it in his youth, as per the custom of his community, but only as a matter of habit, without understanding: […]

Humros, Kabbalah and the Trinity

Which famous Gaon, one of the most celebrated Poskim of the nineteenth century, penned this? ידע כי אני איני נוהג שום דבר חומרא יותר מדלת העם ומהדיוט שבהדיוטים הלואי שיהיה חלקי לעולם הבא עם חד עמא דארעא הולך תמים ודל: Click here for the answer. Rav Shlomo Kluger, Ha’Elef Lecha Shlomo, OH:112 – link. This […]