The Law of War

My weekly lectures for parashas Shelah (including handouts), on the topic of halachic perspectives on the law of war, are available at the Internet Archive. I subsequently recorded a lecture on the halachic justifiability of Shimon and Levi’s massacre of Shechem – a (temporally) shorter, and perhaps tighter and more rigorous, treatment of some of […]

Rendering Unto Caesar The Things Which Are Caesar’s

Here are several lectures I have recorded (with accompanying notes) and several articles I have published on the principle of Dina De’Malchusa Dina and related topics, available, as always, from the Internet Archive. [Note that there is considerable, but certainly not total, overlap between the various listed items]: Dina De’Malchusa Dina and Rent Control Legislation […]

Red Tape

A number of major nineteenth century European Aharonim discuss the validity of a transaction for the sale of Hamez which is not recognized by the secular government;1 a similar, and potentially even more serious, albeit less discussed, problem exists with the standard contemporary version of the Rabbinically mandated marriage settlement document, the כתובה. From the […]