The Proof of the Potation Is In The Pyrotechnics

The Dallas Observer reports: Now, I have always been told that liquors burn at 100 proof (50 percent alcohol) or higher. In fact, some sources claim fires only start around the 57 percent range. There are even stories from the past seeming to confirm this. Tavern owners in the 1700 and 1800s would set a […]

Tuzemák That Maketh Glad the Heart Of Man

Rav Aharon Moshe Taubes, rabbi of the Romanian city of Iași and the “province” (and previously rabbi of the Polish / Ukrainian city of Sniatyn) discusses whether the recent Austro-Hungarian innovation of Tuzemák (Tuzemský rum) may be purchased for and consumed on Pesah. He first considers the question of whether this would violate the Torah’s […]