Changing Places

קיבלתי עונש קצת מוגזם שפטו אותי למוות. ישבתי על כיסא חשמל נפרדתי מהפרייבט. לו יכולתי לפחות להחליף ת’כיסאות, כי אומרים בדרך כלל משנה מקום משנה מזל. The emphasized phrase, from Poogy / Kaveret’s smash hit Yo Ya (lyrics, YouTube, previous discussion on this blog), has apparently become a sufficiently well-known apothegm to be included in […]

ללמוד וללמד, לשמור ולעשות: הקדמה

From Rav Aharon Feldman’s scathing critique of the anthology Jewish Legal Writings by Women: Rather than “debating essential halachic issues in the rigorous spirit of rabbinic Judaism,” the book is composed of two categories of articles: those which do not debate issues (essential or otherwise), and those which debate issues, but not in the spirit […]

You Keep Using That Word – I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means

A couple of months ago, we discussed the evolution of the term אירוסין from its classic, technical meaning of a preliminary stage of marriage, to its modern meaning of engagement, and we noted an opinion that disapproves, on Halachic grounds, of the modern usage. My father has shown me that Rav Shlomo Zalman Auerbach is […]