More Mocking Of Maharaz

Our previous post considered R. Dr. Meir Hershkowitz’s analysis of Rav Yosef Shaul Nathanson’s savage criticism of Rav Zvi Hirsch (Maharaz) Hajes; in this post we consider the even more intemperate libel of the man (also noted by R. Dr. Hershkowitz) by the vehement reactionary Rav Akiva Yosef Schlesinger, who urges the religiously serious to […]

Mocking Maharaz

My friend Eliezer Brodt observes: One last small point of interest to me in about the Oz Ve-Hador [edition of מגילת תענית] was that they seem to have no problem with the Maharatz Chayes as they quote his piece on the MT [Megilas Ta’anis] word for word with proper attribution. It would seem they argue […]

The Maskil Who Saved the Day

A fascinating and bizarre tale related by Hasam Sofer, from the pre-separation of Church and State days: An Italian woman compelled her husband (halachically) to grant her a get. She subsequently wanted to marry a Cohen, but naturally, the Italian rabbis unanimously forbade the union. The scoundrel appealed to various non-Jewish authorities, eventually reaching the […]